PWS I.D. Number: 1660370




Due to a water line break in the Inlet Beach Water System’s distribution system, water customers are advised to boil all water which is utilized for drinking or cooking purposes.

 When a precautionary boil water notice is issued, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the water quality has been affected. The notice is required because breaks, or other events that cause a loss in water pressure, present a remote possibility that contaminants may enter the water system. In response, a precautionary boil water notice is issued as a safeguard to inform the public of the recommended precautionary measures available.  Residents are also advised to take precautions against water consumption when bathing, especially immunocompromised individuals, infants or the elderly.

 A rolling boil for a period of one minute is sufficient to render the water microbiologically safe.

  • As an alternative, bottled water may be used.

 Inlet Beach Water system had a broken water line on 1/18/2022 at approximately 8:00 am.  A loss in system pressure may cause discolored water and could cause back siphonage of contaminants into the water system.

 The precautionary boil water notice will stay in effect until we receive the results from the microbiological sample submitted to a certified laboratory for analysis. After the samples are reported clean, the precautionary boil water notice will be removed. Most notices are removed in approximately 24-48 hours.

 The Inlet Beach Water System takes great care in assuring that your water is safe to drink. We appreciate your cooperation with the precautionary boil water notice to protect public health during the period the notice is in effect. Please call our office at 850231-4498 if you have any questions or concerns.


Carol Anderson

Water Operator

Inlet Beach Water System

95 N. Wall Street

Inlet Beach, FL 32461